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Our Services

Broadband planning

From the idea to the project.

Would you like to improve broadband coverage in your community? We gladly advise you on various options for a future-proof network and offer a free initial consultation.

The basis for preparing a feasibility study tailored to the customer's needs is a survey of demand, analysis of the existing infrastructure and the comparison with the plans of network operators.

Based on the feasibility study and the data collected, we prepare a tailor-made broadband concept and offer for you.

Project management

On request, we can take over the overall project management for your network construction project.

We attach great importance to transparent, flexible and customer-oriented project management. The project management takes on both the technical and organizational planning. This includes, among other things, approval planning, consultation with authorities and landowners, as well as the analysis and use of synergies between network construction and other projects.

Network design and planning

Network design and planning by GEO DATA Swiss AG is carried out using the specially developed and proven software NetEnterprise. With this system, we can precisely plan, design and manage communication networks from the central office to the house connection.

Network planning also includes the creation of detailed documentation, which is available to all project participants. The data generated with NetEnterprise can also be ported for use on other systems via interfaces.

The guidelines and standards of the Swiss Federal Office of Telecommunications (OFCOM) are taken into account and implemented in all our planning.